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JLA Resourcing Launches

We’re delighted to announce that JLA Resourcing has launched with the aim of becoming the technology recruitment partner that you trust with your brand.

Jon Martin and Ben Leeds have extensive experience and a proven track record in Technology Recruitment and are sticking with what they know best focussing on Cloud Infrastructure, Security, Service Management and Project Management roles.

The timing…

I mean, who wouldn’t want to launch in the midst of a global pandemic! This could be seen as foolhardy or slightly scary but both of us have worked in IT recruitment through a number of recessions as far back as the dotcom crash of the early 2000’s so whilst neither of us are under the illusion that it will be easy we can and will navigate with you through these tricky times.

As a client…

In the beginning you get our undivided attention but our promise to you is that this won’t drop, our aim is to become an extension of your business and our focus will be service led (as opposed to transactional) recruitment where we add genuine value to you helping your business to flourish.

In challenging times bringing in people who will help your business to grow is incredibly important and is so much more than just matching up technologies from a CV. We’ve invested heavily in technology which will help you with that decision-making process.

We thought long and hard about our unique selling points (USPs) – in recruitment it can be difficult to differentiate yourself as the process is straightforward (but not simple!). We believe that the way we’ll stand out is in how we represent you and your business.

As a candidate…

The biggest single complaint we see from candidates about the recruitment process is lack of feedback and our commitment to you is to keep you informed at every stage after you’ve applied for an IT job.

Over our years in recruitment we’ve gained a solid understanding of technology but you’re the expert in that, our value to you is in our understanding of the recruitment process and we’ll work with you to give you the best chance of success.

Why us…

Our guiding principles to how we work with you are:

  • Honesty
  • Clear Communication
  • Consultative Approach

To be a success IT recruitment we believe that everything is about the depth of relationship we have with our clients and candidates.

We’re really excited about launching and can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with you – if you’re willing to give us an opportunity to show you what we’re about then please contact or

Ben Leeds
Ben Leeds
With over 20 years’ in the recruitment industry Ben has seen quite a bit and hopes that by sharing some thoughts he can help you to either hire the best person or find the right job!
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