Netflix and the Job Market

netflix and the job market

Oh how our lives have changed…

Sitting down on a Saturday evening to watch something on Netflix with my wife is now standard Saturday night fare in our house; and although restrictions are being lifted and pubs and restaurants are open again (rejoice!) this habit will be dying hard for the foreseeable. Oh what crazy lives we lead now!

Last Saturday was different, however. All box sets and series that we had been watching were finished and not having any recommendations from friends or family we were in the unenviable position, that I’m sure many people have found themselves in, of having to scroll and scroll and scroll down through the countless titles on Netflix (whilst time is slipping by and boredom is quickly setting in) until you ultimately slouch back in the chair, defeated, and decide rewatch a couple episodes of Friends for the twentieth time.

Feel free to insert your favourite go to “easy watch” where “Friends” is but I’m sure this sounds familiar to most.

How does this link to the jobs market…

With my inability to really switch off from work, the endless lists of movies, series, documentaries etc. started to get me thinking about the current job market and the choices, potential pitfalls and eventual successes that people will be faced with along their journey to finding a new job.

I’m not trying to trivialise people looking for work or the current job market. I know how difficult people have found things recently. I’ve seen first hand the effects it can have on people when they are put on furlough or made redundant and the impact it can have on their confidence and attempts to get working again. Rest assured, the IT jobs market is the most buoyant I have seen it and there will be a role for everyone. Just as there is something for everyone on Netflix.

JLA don’t want you to be like me on Netflix, though; scrolling through the job boards trying to find THE job for you. Let us provide that “family or friend recommendation” for your job search by understanding what you are looking for from your next role, company and why you’re looking for that. Whether you are an active or passive candidate we want to be able to provide you with what is most important in a market like this – Informed Choices – to ensure you find the best job available for you. I want to be sending you a notification of “New Titles You Might Enjoy”.

Blockbusters won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Without doubt though, there is a Cult Classic and Guilty Pleasure for everyone. Some people will love a feel good tear jerker. If you find yourself somewhere that could be a contender in the Raspberries; Get out! Get out, now. Run! Don’t look back and get in touch.

Conversely, with the competition for talent, clients need to ensure that they have their game in check also in order to hire great staff! You want to land a Bogart, not a Borat! Adapt, modify and streamline your recruitment and onboarding process. Is what you are offering as a company and a package an offer they can’t refuse?

Losing talent to competitors is no fun either. Look at the market and what it is paying. Look at what you are paying your staff and ask yourself is there room for improvement. Don’t wait to make a counter offer – it’ll be too late by then.

Whether you are a client or candidate and would like more information about the current IT job market please feel free to reach out to us.

Grab the popcorn, ‘cause this is going to be EPIC!

Paul O’Brien
Paul O’Brien
Whether you are a seasoned IT contractor, an IT Grad about to begin their career or a Manager looking for roles to be filled; JLA will be able to assist you. Contact us today for more information.
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