How to maximise your chances of making the right hire?

how to maximise your chances of the right hire

Recruiting the wrong person costs a business a lot of money. You invest time in to the hiring process; you use up resources such as HR, Finance and Line Manager time from around the business; spend money on agency fees, advertising or your internal recruitment team; and here comes the really important bit – the cost of on-boarding, training and integrating that new person in to your team.

If you’ve got the wrong person in situ then you’re creating a load of wasted effort and will have significantly reduced the productivity of you and your team. Not only that, you will probably have to repeat that whole hiring process having managed the person out or seen them leave of their own volition.

Getting your recruitment right is key

So hopefully, we’re all in agreement, that getting your recruitment right is important. The interview is key to this so arming yourself with some questions and tools that will help you to get that choice right is a good place to start. An interview is a pressured situation so you need to create the right environment for the candidate to perform (more about that in another blog) and then ask questions that help you to understand if they will be both a role and cultural fit.

Here are some factors to consider as part of that process:

tips for hiring the right person

Your interview needs to take in to account a question that you should have asked yourself before starting the whole process – “What does the person need to achieve in their first 12 months in order to be a success”. This could be a sales target, a particular piece of code, specific improvements to process or the rollout of some new technology.

From this, you’ll have a list of key performance indicators (KPI’s) that the new employee will need to hit as part of their objectives

Two questions that will really help you to judge against a number of the strong & essential predictors are:

  • What is your greatest work-based success that is relevant to (a specific key performance indicator)?
  • One of the biggest challenges of this job is (describe a challenge) – how would you go about trying to solve this

Keep digging with open questions so that you can objectively assess whether or not the candidate has the right skills and behaviours that will give you the best chance of them being successful in your company.

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Ben Leeds
Ben Leeds
With over 20 years’ in the recruitment industry Ben has seen quite a bit and hopes that by sharing some thoughts he can help you to either hire the best person or find the right job!
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