How to excel at interviews

how to excel at interviews

Top tips to help you excel at your next interview

Getting an interview in the current IT Recruitment market is tough – It is always competitive interviewing for technology jobs so it is key that when you do get an interview that you do everything you can to absolutely nail it.

There are some fairly basic steps that you can take in order to improve your chances of success and help you to improve your interview performance. Please also accept and understand that nerves before an interview are natural. By preparing properly you should be able to go into the interview feeling more confident and although the nerves will still be there, hopefully you’ll feel more in control.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll publish a series of blogs aimed at helping you to excel when it comes to interview.

It splits into 3 main sections – be prepared for the interview itself, prepare answers for questions that are likely to come up and then making the interview a two-way process by asking questions of your own. I firmly believe that if you’re going through a recruitment agency that they should help with a lot of the prep work but you’ll need to do the bulk of the work in order to properly shine and outperform the competition.


Here’s a snapshot of what is to come:

Be prepared

Prepping for the interview is key and there’s more detail on how to prepare for a video interview on this blog, but essentially it boils down to:

  • Read through your CV and think about how it applies to the role, can you talk confidently and succinctly through your experience?
  • Research the person interviewing you – look at their linkedin profile, do you share any common ground you can reference?
  • Sort out the environment – is the room a mess, does the technology work, can you share content if needed, how is the lighting?
  • Create the right impression – what is the dress code, don’t be afraid to ask in advance.

Prepare answers to questions that are likely to come up

Interview questions can be fairly predictable so as long as you understand the format, there is plenty you can do to prepare answers to questions that are likely to come up. This will help with nerves and improve the flow of what you’re trying to say. Key to this is knowing about the format of the interview and making sure you’ve thought about what that means in terms of questions that are likely to come up:

  • CV Walkthrough
  • Technical Interview
  • Competency Interview
  • Mix of the above

Make the interview a two-way process

You need to want to work for the company as much as they want to hire you so make sure that you’ve asked everything you need to know in order to make that decision. Not only that, but asking well prepared, well thought out questions:

  • Ask questions about the role – why has it come about? What do they see as the future scope for it?
  • Ask questions about the business and their values
  • Use questions to uncover any areas that need further discussion to try and close the interview – for example don’t be afraid to ask at the end how the interviewers feel it has gone? What are the next steps? Do they need any further clarifications on answers you have previously given?

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Ben Leeds
Ben Leeds
With over 20 years’ in the recruitment industry Ben has seen quite a bit and hopes that by sharing some thoughts he can help you to either hire the best person or find the right job!
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