How to create a great candidate experience when hiring

creating a great candidate experience

Hiring the best technology talent is key to the success of your business and to hire the best, candidate experience needs to be spot on.

Why is candidate experience so important?

In the technology recruitment market, demand for highly skilled workers still outstrips supply. The best IT Security Analysts, DevOpps Engineers, Service Management professionals and IT Project Managers do have a choice and you need to stand out if you want to recruit them.

Whilst the IT recruitment market we’re in at the moment has meant that there are more candidates available and looking for work but that doesn’t mean that you can risk cheapening your brand by given a poor candidate experience as word will get around and like elephants, job seekers have long memories! In fact, the increase in people applying for jobs increases the risk of getting it wrong as word can spread more quickly.

JLA Resourcing can help you to ensure that your brand is promoted and protected meaning that even the people who don’t ultimately end up joining your business are still out there talking about it in positive terms.

What should you consider when the decision to hire has been made and how can we help to improve this?

1. Process

Long complicated application forms, making candidates upload a CV and then re-state work experience and history and a faceless process are all sure-fire ways to turn off potential applicants. We’re here to help and advise – between us we’ve placed thousands of people at hundreds of companies so can help with the do’s and don’ts.

2. CRM / Technology

Have you got the capability to respond to every single applicant? The thing people hate most about applying for a job (and this is a huge criticism we see about the recruitment industry) is silence. In an ideal world every applicant will get a call to discuss their situation and if they’re a no to be given some detail around why.

This can’t always happen but at the very least, some form of communication. Our award-winning CRM means that we can quickly and efficiently work through all applicants and our dedication to service means we’ll go the extra mile

3. Job Descriptions

A clear, concise and well-worded job description is a prerequisite. A job description needs (as the name suggests!) to describe the job and shouldn’t just be a task list or a list of attributes and skills a person needs. Avoid statements like “you must have 10 years of X” – particularly if X has only been around for 5 years!

We’re happy to review this as part of our process as there’s nothing worse than a job spec that has “April 2015” at the bottom and is just a re-hashed spec with no thought around how the role has changed.

4. Promoting the role and your business

Are candidates able to get a glimpse into what it is like to work for you and your business? How are you perceived in the outside world and what can you do to make the best people want to join you? You can trust us with your brand and key to this is really understanding you and your business.

So, either we’ll be well equipped to reach out to the market on your behalf or we can go a step further and reach out with a message that we’ll have worked with you to create.

We’ve invested in a video platform that will allow you to reach out to a huge volume of potential talent promoting the job and making sure people get more than the bog standard “Our client” message that is so often seen in adverts.

5. Timescales

When a role is approved it is important to ensure that timescales are clear and there is time set aside for reviewing CVS, arranging / attending interviews and seeing the process through to completion.

We can help by advising on timescales (which includes specific guidance considering the complexity of the role) and effective management of the interview process. Again, technology plays a part here and we can set up two-way interviews using our recruitment specific platform.

6. Post-Interview feedback

This is absolutely key to ensuring that those who are rejected walk away having had a positive experience. Whether it is the agency recruiter, the line manager or the HR contact giving feedback there needs to be a level of detail that is clear and constructive.

It has to be useful and will help the candidate improve their chances of securing a different role in another company. Try and avoid subjectivity and there needs to be a degree of sensitivity around the feedback but candidates generally prefer honesty!


The cost of hiring the wrong person is estimated as being over 3 times their basic salary due to loss of productivity, training, fees and payroll costs. Improving candidate experience is a way to minimise the risk of getting the wrong person and at JLA Resourcing, we’re passionate about helping you to get this right.

Ben Leeds
Ben Leeds
With over 20 years’ in the recruitment industry Ben has seen quite a bit and hopes that by sharing some thoughts he can help you to either hire the best person or find the right job!
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