Companies hold your recruiter to account! Part 1 – Why?

Companies hold your recruiter to account

An overview and the principle

Unfortunately, often if you say you are a recruiter… you instantly become less popular than the in-laws. Unfortunately for us in the recruitment industry, if you say you are a recruiter…

Like any sector there are good apples and bad ones but unfortunately the bad ones are remembered because they leave a bad taste. Like many others in my sector this can frustrate but rather than try and preach about why this is not fair I think it is our responsibility to demonstrate through our actions the true value of good recruitment. This article is intended to set-out some ideas of how I think clients should hold myself and my industry to account and make sure we justify a better perception.

When you engage an external recruitment organisation they should as a minimum deliver Time Saving, Enhance your Brand, Provide High Quality and leave you feeling you are receiving Value.

The detail of what each element looks like for each sector varies depending on the need, but the principle is consistent. This article is intended to share my opinions on how I think my clients should hold me and other recruiters to account at different steps in the process.
To expand on my points above what do I mean.

Save Time

It seems self-explanatory but when an organisation engages a recruitment business, they should expect a process to be put in place which will reduce hassle, save time and increase scope for those within your business to deliver on non-recruitment tasks.

Brand Enhancement

An organisation asking for support on their roles is a statement of trust, it should be expected that the recruitment business will then do their utmost to promote and enhance the brand of that organisation to a wider audience through their words and actions as if it was their own.

Provide High Quality

Recruiters should use their experience, network, tools and understanding of the role to deliver a higher calibre of candidate then the client would otherwise be able to secure themselves. What this looks like will vary depending on the need and the organisation they are supporting.


At the conclusion of an individual engagement as well as the ongoing support the customer should always believe they are receiving value. This does not necessarily relate to price on all occasions and is more a culmination of the work done representing value as a package.

If I or anyone in my business ever come up short on these standards, then I expect to be held to account and speaking personally I can say JLA Resourcing are constantly checking in on our processes to make sure the standard stays high.

You may not agree with everything I say in this and the accompanying blogs, but I hope you will take the message that as good recruiters in our industry we want to be held to account.

Jon Martin
Jon Martin
Having spent most of his working life in the world of technology recruitment, Jon is passionate about building a company and sector which adds real value to the people and companies it supports.
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